Whether you are shopping outdoor dining furniture for your home or office, leather furniture is an excellent choice. Leather furniture is stylish and durable. However, they are not created the same; they differ from each other. This is because there is a broad range in quality, texture, durability, and complexity between all of the leather furniture selections on the market. When purchasing leather furniture, it is good if you are aware of the different types of leather used in furniture. Read our informative article to find out more.

Bonded leather

There are times you want to buy furniture but on a budget. Well, this is the time you should consider bonded leather. Furniture with this type leather is of high quality and is not as expensive as the others. Just as the name suggests, it is created from the pieces of other leather and then put together using adhesive fabric. Although the bonded leather contains 17% leather, it gives a leather smell as well as look.

Aniline leather

This type leather is also called naked leather. It is another kind of leather used in furniture. But it is costly due to its appealing natural leather look. It maintains the surface features. Dying of this type of leather in dining chairs is by submerging the hide in crystal clear dye bath. The look of the surface is maintained because it is not covered with any extra pigments. Only the great hides are used for aniline leather since all surface marks continue to be visible. Aniline leather is comfy and soft to the touch a more reason you should consider its furniture.

Nubuck leather

Another type of leather used in furniture is nubuck leather, and it is linked to the aniline leather process. It looks luxuriant and has a velvet-like feel. The nubuck leather grains brushed and polished, but they are not processed. It has a high-quality appearance and feel. Most of all the color of the surface changes when you put your hand on it.


This is another high-quality type of leather that you will like. It is made of natural pebbled grains and includes several in unique markings. It requires good protection and treatment to defend it from wetness and contact with human skin. If you are looking for top-notch leather and one that is also comfortable, then this is your number one choice.

Split grain leather

Split leather is actual legitimate cattle hide that has been separated from the stronger top grain layer. This type of leather is often used to cover the sides or back of leather furniture. While it does not have the strength or sturdiness of correct grain leather, it is sturdy and flexible enough to hold up well when used on the back or sides of furniture that is not used by people.

Bottom line

Knowing the type of leather used to make furniture can help you choose the best and one that is durable. It is evident that everyone will consider quality and durability.