Wood furniture is famous for being stylish and creating a calm environment. Proper care and maintenance of wood furniture can prolong its lifespan. Others use wood furniture as a platform to practice their creative ideas of decoration. That is the reason most painting is a do it yourself project. Most people prefer painting their wood furniture themselves than hiring an expert. If you are as creative as I am, then you need to check these five ideas on how to paint wood furniture

What determines the result?

When you start painting, you expect to get an appealing wood furniture that no one can resist buying. It is therefore worth mentioning that the result depends on the type of wood for your furniture. Continue reading to find out how to paint wood furniture yourself.

What you need

• Furniture
• Primer: This is what you will apply to the furniture to have a sealed bond of layers.
• Paint- Before you buy pain consider the surface area. This is to ensure you purchase enough paint.
• Sandpaper- For smoothening the surfaces.
• Cloth-You will need a tack cloth for cleaning the dust. You are not going to you your bare hands after all.

Prepare and painting unfinished wood furniture

Before you start painting, ensure you use a cleanser to clean the wood and allow it to dry. The next thing you will do is to apply power sander to even out the surfaces and use sand paper to even out the angles without damaging them. Always ensure when you smoothen the surface to have a better feel. After that, use a tack cloth to clean the dust.

Next, you will have to apply a layer of primer to the furniture; we suggest you use oil-based. But if you can’ have it, you can still use water-based. The primer will take around two hours to dry after which you will smoothen it again and add another layer of primer. Remember you are doing this so you can have a better area for painting and protect the reliability of wood. You are free to paint after the primer dries.

Many wood furniture requires two layers but not all of them. You will start by adding one coat and allowing it to dry before you add another coat. Paint one coat on top of another or polish between the lawyers. This is to make sure the coats remain intact.

Our final word

Painting unfinished wood can be interesting. For homeowners who want to have everything on a budget, you can do the painting yourself. It can help to avoid costs such as paying a professional painter. Painting is not only exciting in wooden furniture, but you can do it even with other types of furniture. However, you will need to be familiar with the painting process. Most especially do not forget to sand after every layer of paint. Did you find this article interesting? SHARE with friends and help them paint their furniture.